Complexity in the Real Word - ECCS 2012

Brussels, 5th & 6th September 2012

Complexity science is coming of age, however it has yet to make a significant impact upon social, economic and environmental policy – there is a still a “gap” between the worlds of complexity science and policy. This workshop is aimed at this gap – to promote work which applies complexity science to policy questions and to discuss how to do this better. Both national and EU funding councils are increasingly demanding such policy relevance in grant proposals and funded research so we anticipate there being a high level of interest in this workshop. Thus the workshop will examine ways in which the results of complexity science can be applied to issues of policy relevance. Complexity researchers, policy advisors, think tanks, consultants all welcome!

Topics include: research in the complexity sciences that has relevance to policy issues ways in which the gap between complexity science and the policy world can be bridged ways forward for applying complexity science to the real world, establishing its impact new instruments to handle collective actions in government the needs/views of people in the policy/research world of each other policy problems/issues that would benefit from complexity science approaches the relation of policy modelling to practice and research

Programme Committee (in no particular order):

Peter Allen, Paul Omerod, Yannis Charalabidis, Klaus Troitzsch, Steven Bishop, Petra Ahrweiler, Andreas Pyka, Nigel Gilbert, Diane Payne, Bruce Edmonds, Sylvie Occelli, Claudio Inguaggiato, Gianluca Misuraca, Armando Geller, Cathy Urquhart, Jeff Johnson, John Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, Giovanni Rabino, Richard Taylor, Nick Gotts, Jorge Louçã, Sérgio Bacelar, Simone Landini, and Liz Varga.

The workshop will include a discussion session to develop networks and initiatives to further work in this area across Europe.

Plans for post-workshop publication are being discussed with a couple of journals, including the Transactions of the Royal Society A.

Deadline for submissions is 30th April, see website for details.