Summer School on Youth Entrepreneurship, Chios July 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, the 4th Summer School on Youth Entrepreneurship was organized with great success by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University of the Aegean, in collaboration with the School of Management, in Chios, from 6th to 10th July 2015.

The aim of the Summer School was to guide students from various University departments in turning their business ideas into practice, through lectures and mentoring given by University teachers and business executives.  Six business ideas were formed by the 18 participating pre-graduate and post-graduate students, targeting agricultural, tourism, health and education products and services.

Winning teams and judging committee members at the Summer School awards ceremony

The Summer School is an initiative of the Employment & Career Structure of the University of the Aegean, within the Operational Programme "Education and Lifelong Learning: 2007-2015". 

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The Samos 2015 Summit - "Beyond Government 2.0"

The 6th Samos Summit was held in Doryssa Hotel, in Samos Greece on June 29 - July 3 2015.  The overall topic of the Summit was On ICT-enabled Governance : “Beyond Government 2.0”.  Specific focus in this year’s summit was given to the following 4 areas of ICT-enabled governance, aiming at delivering high level insights on the new roadmap for research and practice:

  • Information (big, open and linked data, information processing and visualization for governance)

  • Infrastructures (cloud infrastructures, machine intelligence, pervasive computing)

  • People (collaborative decision making, social media in governance, social computing)

  • Organisation (legal issues, process re-engineering, interoperability guidelines and standards)

Also, specific attention was given to Smart Cities examples and practices, followed by a workshop on Samos smart city / smart island possibilities, with the collaboration of Samos Municipality officials.

Samos 2015 Summit participants at Doryssa Resort 

In conjunction with the 6th Samos Summit, the 3rd International Summer School On Open and Collaborative Governance was held, with the participation of students from European Union, the Balkans and US.

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