NOMAD project ideas at the FORSEE consultation in Ljubljana

The Regional ICT RTD Foresight Open Consultation for South - Eastern Europe took place on January 21st, 2013, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia , Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The event was organised under the framework of the Project “FORSEE – Regional ICT Foresight exercise for Southeast European countries”, which targets ICT Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) policy reform in the SEE region through the introduction of a foresight culture and proposes the development of a sustainable foresight mechanism that will provide technological future orientation based on SEE competencies and exploitation of regional synergies and complementarities.

Despina Anastassiadou (chair) and Mitja Jermol (speaker) at the FORSEE opening

My talk on Future Research areas for electronic governance, included presentation of the NOMAD FP7 project on policy formulation and validation through non-moderated crowdsourcing and deeper analysis of topics such as:

  • Model Based-Governance

  • Policy modelling, Societal Simulation

  • Participative Governance

  • New models for public dialogue and decision making 

  • Opinion mining and sentiment analysis

  • Data-powered collective intelligence

  • Open and linked, static and dynamic, data 

  • Personalisation,  Search and Visualisation

  • Cloud infrastructures, Interoperability, Identity and Trust

  • New targets for service execution (1-stop, 1-second, 1-cent)

  • Service co-creation by citizens and enterprises

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The JSI Research Centre in Ljubljana


The Jožef Stefan Institute is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research.

Founded in the late 40's to serve as an atomic weapons research centre, JSI today has more than 900 employees, specializing in natural sciences, life sciences and engineering.

In late January 2013, I had the pleasure to visit the Department of Knowledge Technologies, with which we collaborate on  various research initiatives.  The department  performs research in several "hot" information technoloy  areas, such as intelligent data analysis (machine learning, data mining, knowledge discovery), text and  web mining, semantic web, social network analysis, language technologies and computational linguistics. 

With Marko Grobelnik, at JSI

During the visit, collaboration opportunities where identified, between University of the Aegean / Information Systems Lab and JSI / Knowledge Technologies Department in the areas of data and text mining,  advanced information systems for complex societal problem solving, social media and electonic governance.

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An Olive Oil Shop in Slovenia

In the centre of Ljubljana one will notice the Oliviers & Co (O&CO) shop, a part of an international chain of outlets, offering several bottles of selected olive oil and other food products from the Mediterranean region.  

The whole idea is based on acquiring extra virgin olive oil from several places all over the Mediterranean and then bottling, packaging and selling through the O&CO chain.

Our Producers
Oliviers & Co olive oil producers / areas (2013)

The shop is a nice place to see, taste and get premium olive oil from Greece, Italy, France, Spain or Portugal - as wel as quality vinegar, truffles and more.  Maja Jean, the welcoming and friendly shop manager helped me taste olive oil from several places, including those from Messinia and Lesvos, two of the most famous olive oil producing areas in Greece.  She also managed to sell me a bottle of Spanish olive oil (still a way to reach the Messinia quality, in my humble testing opinion).


Now that we try in Greece and the University of Aegean to do more with our premium quality agricultural products, like with Oliveo, this visit was an educating pleasure.

You may find more information for the O&CO shop in Ljubljana at 

Hellenic Mobile Cluster Meeting in Athens

On Wednesday 19th
December 2102, the meeting of the Hellenic Mobile Cluster took place in the Technopolis complex, Athens. The meeting included presentations by the research
institutions involved in the cluster and planning of further activities.

The Hellenic Mobile Cluster aims to
increase the international competitiveness of its members, stimulate the
development of innovative and competitive products and services, and create
economies of scale that could be achieved through close cooperation between the
different parts of the so-called triple helix (universities, research centers
and industry).

The Cluster aims at developing and
exploiting innovative and competitive products and services with high added
value that could lead to international recognition.  It includes businesses and research institutions
located in several areas in Greece.

The cluster currently consists of 26
companies, which are all members of the Hellenic Association of Mobile
Applications Companies (HAMAC) and 13 associated  research / academic institutions.

The Information Systems Lab from the
University of the Aegean, was represented by Y. Charalabidis – Head, Future
Informatics Unit, H. Alexopoulos, PhD Researcher and Y. Koulizakis, MSc

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