An Olive Oil Shop in Slovenia

In the centre of Ljubljana one will notice the Oliviers & Co (O&CO) shop, a part of an international chain of outlets, offering several bottles of selected olive oil and other food products from the Mediterranean region.  

The whole idea is based on acquiring extra virgin olive oil from several places all over the Mediterranean and then bottling, packaging and selling through the O&CO chain.

Our Producers
Oliviers & Co olive oil producers / areas (2013)

The shop is a nice place to see, taste and get premium olive oil from Greece, Italy, France, Spain or Portugal - as wel as quality vinegar, truffles and more.  Maja Jean, the welcoming and friendly shop manager helped me taste olive oil from several places, including those from Messinia and Lesvos, two of the most famous olive oil producing areas in Greece.  She also managed to sell me a bottle of Spanish olive oil (still a way to reach the Messinia quality, in my humble testing opinion).


Now that we try in Greece and the University of Aegean to do more with our premium quality agricultural products, like with Oliveo, this visit was an educating pleasure.

You may find more information for the O&CO shop in Ljubljana at