6 University scholars from Greece in the top-50 Electronic Government Researchers Globally

In a paper presented during the annual IFIP International Electronic Government Conference, held in Trinity College Dublin, Hans J. Scholl analysed the status of research in the electronic government domain. The paper, that is already published and available by Springer, is titled "The EGOV Research Community: An Update on Where We Stand" and contains findings from tracking and analysing the eGov research publications for more than a decade.

The  Electronic Government Reference Library (EGRL) is an ongoing project at the University of Washington to create and maintain a comprehensive reference library dedicated to academic electronic government literature. From its first public release in 2006, the number of entries in the  reference library has grown rapidly to thousands of references. With the release of version 10 in April 2014, the EGRL has reached a volume of more than 6,500 references and 9,000 researchers - authors.

Based on the H.J. Scholl recent paper, among the top-50 scholars in this domain there are 6 university professors from Greece, in the following rankings:

Rank  Name                    University

----- ----------------------  -------------------------------------

#08   Yannis Charalabidis     University of the Aegean, Samos

#17   Efthimios Tambouris     University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

#20   Konstantinos Tarabanis  University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

#22   Dimitrios Askounis      National Technical University of Athens

#24   Euripidis Loukis        University of the Aegean, Samos

#45   Gregoris Mentzas        National Technical University of Athens

The countries with more than 2 representatives in the top-50 scholars list are the following:

United States of America - 12 

Greece                   -  6

United Kingdom           -  6

Netherlands              -  5

Mexico                   -  3

Germany                  -  3

Denmark                  -  3

Below is an extract of the list of the top-50 scholars in the eGovernment domain.

The full paper from Hans J. Scholl "The EGOV Research Community: An Update on Where We Stand" can be found at: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-662-44426-9_1

The latest version of the Electronic Government Reference Library (EGRL) can be downloaded from: http://faculty.washington.edu/jscholl/egrl/index.php