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Policy Formulation
& Validation

througn non-moderated crowd-sourcing



NOMAD is ready to be commercialised

NOMAD project, which was
co-funded by the EC under the FP7 Programme, has reached its end on
December. NOMAD has succeeded in providing its users with a fully
automated tool-suite for modelling, content search and acquisition,
classification and visualization without requiring any particular
expertise or programming knowledge from them.

NOMAD enables policy makers and other users to receive insights to
their proposals from citizens, before turning them into policies,
by providing them with tools that can crawl their opinions in the
social media and collect, as well as analyze spontaneous
argumentation to them.

During last three years, the
partners of the NOMAD project participated in and organized a variety
of events, conferences and workshops, produced scientific publications,
press releases and presentations.

NOMAD on the Press

December has been a very active month as far as NOMAD's
publicity is concerned with a series of press releases and many
reproductions. The articles published online are presented below and
provide an overview of NOMAD's dissemination activities the last 2 months. 

NOMAD: An easy to use "tool"
for decision making

Workshop on the "Formulation and Evaluation of policy proposals
through NOMAD" organized within the framework of the project NOMAD
"Policy Formulation and Validation through non-moderated
Crowdsourcing" will be held on November 12, 2014

NOMAD project was
presented in Greece and in Austria – A new policy formulation tool

The second round of pilots of the project NOMAD
("Policy Formulation and Validation through non moderated
crowdsourcing") was successfully completed by conducting the
relevant workshop in the Greek Parliament.

For more transparency
in politics - visualization of political processes

Visual graphic representations can help explain
complicated matters. With an intelligent visualization software based
on adaptive technologies, political decision-making processes can now
be easy to understand. This creates transparency and facilitates
the understanding of citizens. Policy makers can then use the software
to analyze the impact of policy measures. 

NOMAD: An innovative
research project of the Aegean University  

The second round of the pilots of the project NOMAD ("Policy
Formulation and Validation through non moderated crowdsourcing")
was successfully completed by conducting the relevant workshop in Greek
Parliament. The workshop was the third in a series of meetings held in
order to present the results of the pilot applications developed during
the health care, energy and open data projects, in business
representatives, public authorities and members of non-governmental

NOMAD: A new way of
policy-making using social networks and open data

Public consultation is a powerful tool for policy-making, as
legislators come in direct contact with the social partners. In Greece
we have seen in recent years the "bloom" of this process
through platforms such as opengov, which gave the opportunity literally
to every citizen with Internet access to submit its views on a new

NOMAD: An easy to use
"tool" for decision making

Generated on the internet content during a consultation policy or not,
is concentrated and, using algorithms "argument models" are
created based on the ideas and arguments used by individuals concerning
the issue in question.

You can
still create a NOMAD application scenario

Τhe 3rd round of pilot workshops has been completed
successfully with a variety of scenarios implemented by public body
representatives, politicians, journalists, consultants, NGO
representatives and researchers.

the project has reached its end, the online platform will remain
available so that users can create even more domains and policies
and test the efficiency and effectiveness of NOMAD.
You can have access to the public scenarios through NOMAD
The figure below summarises the main steps of the NOMAD procedure from
the creation of a domain to the formulation of a policy. 

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