Envisioning Digital Europe 2030: Scenarios for ICT in Future Governance and Policy Modelling

The report on Envisioning Digital Europe 2030, is the result of research conducted by the Information Society Unit of IPTS as part of the CROSSROAD Project – A Participative Roadmap on ICT research on Electronic Governance and Policy Modelling (www.crossroad-eu.net). 

After outlining the purpose and scope of the report and the methodological approach followed, the report presents the results of a systematic analysis of societal, policy and research trends in the governance and policy modelling domain in Europe. These analyses are considered central for understanding and roadmapping future research on ICT for governance and policy modelling. 

The study further illustrates the scenario design framework, analysing current and future challenges in ICT for governance and policy modelling, and identifying the key impact dimensions to be considered. It then presents the scenarios developed at the horizon 2030, including the illustrative storyboards representative of each scenario and the prospective opportunities and risks identified for each of them. The scenarios developed are internally consistent views of what the European governance and policy making system could have become by 2030 and of what the resulting implications for citizens, business and public services would be. 

Finally, the report draws conclusions and presents the proposed shared vision for Digital Europe 2030, offering also a summary of the main elements to be considered as an input for the future development of the research roadmap on ICT for governance and policy modelling

Get the report online from: http://ftp.jrc.es/EURdoc/JRC61593.pdf 

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Misuraca G., Broster D., Centeno C., Punie Y., Lampathaki F., Charalabidis Y., Askounis D., Osimo D., Szkuta K., Bicking M.: "Envisioning Digital Europe 2030: Scenarios for ICT in Future Governance and Policy Modelling", JRC Scientific & Technical Reports, IPTS, European Commission, 2010.