CENT 2011 - Invited Session on Interoperability Science Base

CENT 2011 
Collaborative Enterprises 2011 –
Platforms, Processes, and Practices
Advancing the Enterprise 2.0

in the context of WMSCI 2011, Orlando/FL, USA
19th  – 22nd  July, 2011

Call for Papers

Invited Session on:
Science Base for Enterprise Interoperability in the advent of the Future of Internet
Ricardo Gonçalves (UNINOVA, Portugal) and Yannis Charalabidis (University of the Aegean, Greece)                                                              
Contact email: rg@uninova.pt

Thematic outline

Enterprises of the future are based upon extended platforms, processes and practices involving stakeholders, customers, suppliers, scientific and engineering partners. Business practices and processes are increasingly collaborative. Corporations, non-profit institutions, consultants, academics, and government agencies work together in projects, creating and sharing resources often across national, lingual and cultural boundaries. The interaction between partners may be aimed at collaborative production, development, or research, or may simply be targeted at the sharing of resources or support services.  

Interoperability is an important characteristic of information systems, organisations, their processes and data. Achieving automated collaboration of processes and systems may lead to a dramatic increase in productivity for enterprises of any size.   As a result of this projected benefit, nowadays interoperability has been prescribed by numerous  standardization frameworks, guidelines at enterprise level, data schemas and techniques to tackle the problem of non-communicating systems or organisations.  In parallel, most international software, hardware and service vendors created their own strategies for achieving the goal of open, collaborative, loosely coupled systems and components.

This invited session goes beyond the presentation of the main milestones in this fascinating quest for collaboration between people, systems and information. It looks forward to describing how this new interdisciplinary research area can transform into a vibrant scientific domain, by applying the necessary method and tools.  To achieve that, contributions should bring the ingredients of this new domain, proposing its needed formal and systematic tools, exploring its relation with neighbouring scientific domains and finally prescribing the next steps for achieving the thrilling goal of laying the foundations of a new science.

This invited session seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners who are exploring the definition and applicability of Enterprise Interoperability in the advent of the future internet, putting it in a scientific-based perspective. 

We invite high quality papers  (max of 6 pages) to be published and presented in the invited session:
  • Theoretical research papers

  • System design and development papers

  • Empirical evaluations and case studies

  • Verification and validation papers

Submissions should contribute to a substantial, original and previously unpublished research in the topics of the CENT 2011 symposium, whenever focusing on the contributions for a science-based Enterprise Interoperability. These include:

·         Collaborative knowledge generation, communication and management
·         Collaborative platforms
·         Tools and approaches for improved collaboration
·         Smart objects in collaborative knowledge management
·         Content management and knowledge representation
·         Semantic technologies
·         Semantic synchronization
·         Customer involvement 
·         Post-deployment responsibility
·         Business process mapping
·         Knowledge network mapping
·         Modeling of inter-enterprise processes
·         Interoperability
·         Collaborative software development
·         Protection of knowledge and intellectual property
·         Collaborative innovation management
·         Collaborative risk management
·         Trust and reputation in collaborations
·         Knowledge network life cycle
·         Resolving cultural and linguistic issues
·         Collaborative work environments
·         Knowledge and information structures

Submission procedure
Full Draft papers (max 6 pages) MUST BE SUBMITED BY EMAIL to the session chair organizers (rg@uninova.pt)

Their format must be in accordance with the guidelines given on the WMSCI 2011 conference web site (http://www.iiis2011.org/cent). All submitted papers will go through a reviewing process according to the international scientific guidelines. Authors of the best papers presented at the symposium will be invited to adapt their papers for their publication in a special issue of the JSCI – Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics.

Submission Deadlines
  Papers submission:  March 31, 2011
  Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2011
  Camera ready, final papers submission: April 30, 2011

More Information
about the CENT 2011 Symposium is available on the symposium web site http://www.iiis2011.org/cent
about the 15th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics WMSCI 2011 can be found on the conference web site  http://www.iiis2011.org/wmsc