On Enterprise Interoperability re-classification, based on Google, G.Scholar and G.Books Data

This is an attempt to frame interoperability concepts, gather information on the importance and exposure - while also discovering some closeness to a scientific community - in this case the Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) cluster, in European Commission.

See in the table below the results obtained on 23.04.2010, from Google, Google Scholar an Google Books services, through formalised queries.  Keep in mind that:

  • The number of references that came as a result from the query is used as a metric of publicity / importance and is coloured according to size. Blue: Level-1, Light Brown: Level-2, Dark Brown: Level-3

  • The proximity to the FInES community is measured by means of origins of authors or sites.  Green: FInES community represented, Red: Other community (BP, eGOV, IS) or self-standing sites (wikipedia)

See the verdicts on who is who, on the most right column. 

Have Fun.

Figure: Measuring importance and community closeness for interoperability terms.


Indicative Google Books query on legal interoperability: