Metteg Gonference in Camerino, June 30 2011

It was on June 30 and July 1st 2011 that the 5th International Conference on Methodologies, Technologies and Tools enabling e-Government took place in lovely Camerino, Marche Region, Italy.  Being almost 100 km from Ancona Airport, Camerino is a place that really worths the extra effort to getting there.  Peaceful but energetic, beautiful enough but getting better, this post-medieval village provided the place for one of the oldest Universities in Italy. Within the computer science faculty of Camerino University is where MetteG gets its resources for this year.

Invited for the Opening Keynote speech on the Future Research areas of Electronic Governance, I spent some lovely hours at the …. Hotel, right at the top of a neighboring hill.  The conference was a gathering of not too many but dedicated researchers from Europe, providing a very nice ground for discussing new opportunities in the domain of ICT-enabled Governance.

With Barbara Re, the heart of the 2011 MetteG organization and fellows from Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Sweden

See my presentation on the Future Research Areas in ICT-enabled Governance here: