Deliberation of the Greek “Ontology for Reorganisation of the State”, July 21, 2011

More than 30 experts from Greek Public Sector organisations, ICT industries and research laboratories joined the public deliberation on the Greek Governance Transformation Ontology.   The presentation and discussion was held in National Technical University of Athens, which together with ITMC Consulting  are implementing the project “Taxonomies for the Reorganisation of State, on behalf of the Greek Ministry of Administration Reform and Electronic Governance.

Yannis Charalambous from ITMC, and the administrative manager of the above project presented the overall scope and objectives, focusing at the ontology methodology and proposed management processes. Yannis Charalabidis, Assistant Professor at University of Aegean and scientific manager of the Taxonomies project on behalf of NTUA/ICCS gave a full view of the ontology, which includes more than 300 classes and 700 definitions.  
Specific attendance was given to the proposed codelists which cover a part of Greek Public sector, coming from different actors including the Greek Ministry of Finance,  the Greek Statistics Office, the Ministry of Administration Reform and Electronic Governance.  The need for further standardization and promotion of codelists for the public sector was emphasized.

In an one-hour workshop session, participants contributed useful innovative ideas on issues of the ontology, the governing processes and the next needed steps in scientific and governmental collaboration.

View of the audience at NTUA

Find the presentation on the ontology here: