Uni Aegean and Fraunhofer FOKUS collaborate on Mobile Development

It all started within the "Software Engineering" class of 2010-2011, where we set the goal to develop e-Government apps for Mobile Platforms, the prize for the best project being a visit to FOKUS premises in Berlin, in cooperation with the FAME group.

Two members of the winning team, with the Greek Municipalities for Windows Phone 7 application,
(http://social.zune.net/redirect?type=phoneApp&id=664febdd-b22f-e011-854c-00237de2db9e ) visited Berlin, on May 2011. You may see all the applications at http://www.icsd.aegean.gr/is-lab. 

Ilias Dimopoulos and Thanassis Garaliakos, reported from Berlin:

"At Fraunhofer Fokus - it’s one of the buildings that you rarely see. At the western suburbs of Berlin, Fraunhofer Fokus cooperates with famous universities around the world developing on several projects. PADGETS (www.padgets.eu) is one of them, run by Information and Communication Systems Engineering Department of the University of Aegean.

In this visit we met up with Robert Kleinfield and after a long discussion, an analysis was made about  PADGETS - an extensive update on the requirements of the project.  It was required for us to develop ideas for mobile platform applications that will make it easy for citizens to link up to the PADGETS platform and participate in policy making.

After a few days of  technology transfer, experimentation and idea exchange, we now have to further develop on mobile apps ideas and discuss with  Fraunhofer Fokus. If these ideas satisfy the Fokus committee, then a new cooperation will be revealed for us and Uni Aegean !

Our days in Berlin came to an end with a visit to a traditional German restaurant, and after that a relaxing outing to a local bar, enjoying a local beer. The rest is now up to the committee.
However, our visit to Berlin and to the institute will be an unforgettable experience !"

Ilias Dimopoulos, Robert Kleinfeld (FOKUS) and Thanassis Garaliakos (Uni Aegean)