Tax offices productivity in Greece for 1st half of 2011

Completion of cases by tax offices across Greek regions

The following map visualises data on the efficiency of tax offices across Greece in handling cases assigned to them by the central offices of the Ministry of Finance for the first six months of 2011. These cases are related to natural and legal persons that have been identified through intersections, tax delinquent behavior and other targeted actions. 

Each spot indicates the percentage of cases closed after the completion of the above steps by the tax office, of each specific location. Three different colors displayed on the map represent the three discrete ranges of percentages that have been set, as levels of completion: 

  • Red (107 Tax Offices): minimum productivity (less than 33% of all open cases were processes within 6 months).

  • Yellow (162 Tax Offices) : medium productivity (between 33% and 66%)

  • Green (18 Tax Offices): higher productivity (more than 66% of all open cases)

The global average for all 287 Tax Offices is 36%, which means that it takes on average 18 months for the completion of a case. 

The percentages of completion have been published on the website of the General Secretary of Information Systems and are updated on a daily basis: