Mobile Government Applications from University of Aegean

Within the Software Engineering lesson of the pre-graduate program of the ICS department, several Mobile Applications were developed by students. Two specific training sessions provided hands-on experience in Android and Windows 7 development platforms, provided by ATC SA and Microsoft Hellas.

The applications targeted simple mobile government functionality, through reusing open data / open services from the Greek public sector information systems. At the time of development (Nov 2010 – Feb 2011) not many open web services existed within the Greek Public Sector, thus limiting possibilities.

The applications developed for Android and Windows 7 mobile platforms are the following: 

- Automated VAT number validity check (Ministry of Finance)

- The new structure of Greek Local Administration, after the 2010 reform – “Kallikratis” programme

- The structure of Central Administration (Ministries, General Secretariats)

- A mobile tourist guide for Samos, including public administrations in the Island (in English)

- The list of electronic services provided by the Greek eGovernment gateway “Ermis” (Ministry of Interior)

- The Greek Government daily news via RSS (Presidency of the Greek Government)

- The open Government daily news (RSS from open government site “”)