The new Research Roadmap for Governance and Policy Modelling

More than 100 policy makers, researchers and practitioners participated in the Workshop on the new Research Roadmap for Governance and Policy Modelling, which was organised by the CROSSROAD project on 27th September 2010, in conjunction with the ICT 2010 event in Brussels, Belgium.

The aim of the session was to create feedback and reach community consensus on the research roadmap on ICT for governance and policy modelling. In the first part of the session, Dimitris Askounis from NTUA presented the CROSSROAD project, followed by a presentation by David Osimo (Tech4i2) and Yannis Charalabidis (NTUA) on the Grand Challenges for research, that are:

Model-based collaborative governance to overcome the current fragmented and micro-level approach to policy modeling in which existing econometric models are unable to account for human behavior and unexpected events.

Data-powered collective intelligence and action to identify tools that allow for progressive forms of citizen involvement that deal with information overload and engage all pro-active as well as more passive citizens in policy making

Government service utility to reflect the future of digital public services that will be co-generated through the participation of administrations, enterprises and citizens, co-delivered, tailor-made and citizen-centric.

Scientific base of ICT-enabled governance  to lay the theoretical foundations of the domain, study the relations with neighboring domains and achieve scientific rigor and further evolution with the utilisation of future ICT capabilities.

The presentation was followed by a discussion and the validation / rating of the challenges by the participants, facilitated by the CROSSROAD Consortium members (Fenareti Lampathaki and George Gionis from NTUA, Katarzyna Szkuta from Tech4i2).

The session also included presentations of next activities and future research opportunities, by:

- Antonis Ramfos, INTRASOFT International

- Yael Dubinsky, IBM Research Haifa

- Richard Wilson,

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