Cloud Infrastructures and Interoperability Track in MCIS 2010

The Track on Cloud Infrastructures and Interoperability was succesfully conducted on 12 September 2010, as a part of the 5th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems - MCIS 2010 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The track targeted novel approaches, methods, practices and tools for achieving interoperability in the provision of Digital Public Services, resulting into a significant increase of service quality for citizens and businesses, through utilizing cloud infrastructures. Specific importance was placed in multidisciplinary approaches, combining organizational, legal, semantic, technical and participative elements of interoperability, providing relative support by advanced information systems. The papers of the track were the following:

Policy Processes Support Through Interoperability With Social Media George Gionis - National Technical University of Athens, Yannis Charalabidis, Euripides Loukis - University of the Aegean,

Extracting Normative Content From Legal Texts Daniela Tiscornia and Tommaso Agnoloni - The Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques of the Italian National Research Council (ITTIG-CNR)

A Distributed E-Learning Service  For Remote Areas Anna Mavroudi, Thanasis Hadzilacos - Open University of Cyprus, Demetra Egarchou - Research Academic Computer Technology Institute

Chairpersons: Yannis Charalabidis - University of the Aegean, Ralf Klischewski German University in Cairo