A different "project": Being Santa for the kids of "Kivotos tou Kosmou"

On the eve of 2016 we had the chance to visit the Kivotos tou Kosmou  (Arc of the World) organisation and give gifts to the boys and girls that stay at the shelter hostels.  Together with members of the Information Systems Laboratory of the University of the Aegean, we selected, packed and delivered more than 50 parcels with all shorts of toys for young boys and girls.

Vassiliki with the parcels

The "Ark of the World" is a Non-Profit Organization for the Special Care and Protection of Mothers and Children which operates on the care of children who were living under conditions of negligence and abandonment, without medical attendance, without a future; most of them coming from single parent families and many of them without parents. The "Ark of the World" was founded in 1998 by the twenty-six-year (then) old priest, Father Antonios Papanikolaou, having as his weapons his love for children and his wish to create a nest of affection and care for the "other children" of Athens.

The IS-Lab team at Kivotos

The joy of the kids, the interest and appreciation of the Kivotos's staff, the love of all of them were the best possible reward for us all.  

We look forward to being again with the kids, at the first possibility !

With the kids and the toys !