InHeritage Entrepreneurship workshop in Lavrion

In late September 2015, I had the chance to take part in an entrepreneurship workshop oriented towards young professionals form the domain of cultural management.  The inHeritage 3-day event targeted the development of new business ideas to take advantage of industrial heritage sites and facilities (e.g. industrial museums, old factories, traditional industrial sites and so on).

The event was happening in parallel in three locations, connected via teleconferencing: the Lavrion Industrial Park where I physically was, the  Athens Industrial Gas Museum and the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos.

View of the old factory at Lavrion

Two things were really unforgettable from my visit:

1. The impressive Lavrion Industrial Park, reminding us the once vibrant "Compagnie Francaise des Mines du Laurium" a revolutionary lead-extracting factory established at around 1880 and operating for about 80 years.  The whole investment, which was significant for Greece at that times, provided the landscape for the first large stock-scandal that shook the country, known as "lavreotika".  A very good description of the "deal" and the forces that powered and lead it can be seen (in Greek) at 

2. The gathering of young professionals (mainly architects and engineers), aiming at developing new, innovative business ideas for the exploiting of our industrial heritage.  In a world of cloud and mobile apps, working with real production sites of the past shows great interest for us - teaching and practicing entrepreneurship at the digital age.

With the team of young entrepreneurs and mentors in Lavrion inHeritage workshop

More about the InHeritage programme can be seen at: