What is Government 3.0 ?

Preparing my talk for the Samos 2015 Summit on ICT-enabled governance I noticed a scarcity of resources for Government 3.0 and the new paradigms for the public sector beyond 2015.  Apart from some early developments in Korea and a few presentations, not much to see on what is coming in this vivid domain.  So, I prepared a slideset that can be seen online below, and I only copy/paste a couple of things here:

Government 3.0 definition

Government 3.0 refers to the utilization of Information and Communication Technologies and neighboring scientific and technological domains, towards societal problems solving, resource optimization and citizen well-being, through civic and enterprise collaboration at local and international level

The paradigm shift for Government 3.0 

The e-Governance Hype Cycle

My complete slide set can be found at : http://www.slideshare.net/charalabidis/government-30