PADGETS in the top-10 Policy Making 2.0 applications worldwide

The PADGETS project was nominated among the 10 best Policy - Making 2.0 applications, in the international competition organised by the CROSSOVER project and presented at the International Conference on Policy Making 2.0 in Dublin, June 17 and 18, 2013.

The competition targeted policy-making 2.0 applications making the best use of technology to improve the design, delivery and evaluation of Government policy, with a focus on implementation that can show a real impact on policy making, either in terms of better policy or wider participation. 

The policy-making 2.0 technologies showcased by the competing applications included:

  • Open and big data

  • Visual analytics

  • Modelling and simulation 

  • Collaborative governance and crowdsourcing

  • Serious gaming

  • Opinion mining

PADGETS combines social networking interoperability,  social media analytics, opinion minining and simulation techniques, to enable policy makers in managing on-line campaigns towards reaching  justified decisions. Cizens participate in various modes and forms with the assistance of web based and mobile applications, that support several types of behaviour. PADGETS is implemented by a joined multi-national team of more than 40 researchers, coming from 12 partners:

All PADGETS applications for the web and mobile platforms are freely available for use or download.

For more information on the PADGETS project, visit