The ENSEMBLE project on Future Internet Enterprise Systems

The ENSEMBLE project (, funded by the European Commission, aims to coordinate research activities in the domain of Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES). Furthermore, ENSEMBLE aims to study systematically and formalize Enterprise Interoperability (EI) as a scientific domain, by combining systemic approaches, scientific multi-disciplinarity and a community-driven mentality. 

The final review of the project was done in European Commission premises in Brussels, in early October 2012.  It was a unanimous opinion by all participating experts that ENSEMBLE greatly contributed towards the two main objectives of the future internet enterprise systems community (the FInES cluster):

- The establishment of the Enterprise Interoperability Science Base

- The creation of the Research Roadmap for Future Internet Enterprise Systems

The ENSEMBLE team, from left to right: Charis Vassiliou, Michele Missikof, Keith Popplewell, Carlos Agostinho,
Vivian Kioussi, John Psarras, Fenareti Lampathaki, Yannis Charalabidis, Ricardo Goncalves

More information on the project deliverables can be found at: