Invited Lecture on Open Data at TU Delft

The lounge at TU Delft

It was a great pleasure and honour to give a lecture on "Open Data: Perspectives and Challenges" at the

students of the Master
programme “Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management”.

You may see the whole programme of the MSc at

The lecture was attended by 30 first-year students, with relevantly little technical and administrative knowldege of Open Data. So, in the first 45 minutes we try to solve some "mysteries" of open data though visiting several open data sites and knowledge sources, while discussing on the various organisational and technical perspectives.

A panoramic view of the class at TU Delft.  

This part of the lecture was supported by a couple of social media and cloud resources made on site:

- A twitter hashtag (#opendatadelft) where we could post questions, links and pictures.

- A google doc for listing online questions and answers on open data issues

A little more than 1/3 of the class participated on-line, some creating twitter accounts on the fly.

The second part of the lectured focused on new challenges for open data systems, around metadata management, demand and supply of open data, scientific research on open data and more.

You may see the slides at:

With Marijn Jannssen, professor and host at TU Delft

You may see the full 1,5 hour lecture at: