Antonis Ramfos visits Uni Aegean, in Samos

One day in Samos, at the Information and Communication Systems Engineering Department

It was our pleasure at the department and the Information Systems lab, to host Antonis Ramfos, Principal of Research & Innovation Department at INTRASOFT International, for "One Day in Samos", to lecture and discuss with students.

Leaving with the early (06:00 AM) flight for Samos, Antonis arrived on time to have a breakfast at the main square of Karlovassi, set the agenda and then participate in the course "E-Business Technologies and Apps" - in the 4th of the 5 years pregraduate programme. Assessing progress and discussing students projects (around 30 innovative internet sites/prototypes expected), outlasted the 3-hour morning slot.

Then, at the ISLab we spent the rest of the afternoon doing work (connected via the Aegean 1-Gb GRNET node, with some issues concerning buidlings WiFi, though), reviewing students theses and discussing future collaboration opportunities, in the middle (or less ?) of the crisis, for Greece.

Afternoon was free for our guest, but a 2-hr dinner with MSc students with questions on carrier paths, market situation, research and development, employment tactics, ended the day.  Another couple of diploma theses might be related to real-world problems, this summer.

Antonis, taking the early flight from Samos, arrived a little earlier than usual in the office, the next day.