Future Internet Enterprise Systems Projects in Europe - 10 years of innovation

The FInES cluster represents the Enterprise Interoperability and Collaboration Research Domain in Europe, and is composed of FP6 and FP7 funded projects, as well as experts and stakeholders from all over Europe, working in the areas of Enterprise Software, Enterprise Interoperability and Collaboration applicable to enterprises.  Almost 30 projects have been running in this area, under FP6, FP7 and CIP programmes.

FInES Cluster FP7 Projects (2008 -)

  • ACCESS-ICT - Access to ICT Investors.

  • COIN & COIN-EEU - Enterprise Collaboration & Interoperability.

  • COMMIUS – COMMunity-based Interoperability Utility for SMEs.

  • ebbits - Enabling business-based Internet of Things and Services.

  • ENSEMBLE - Envisioning, Supporting and Promoting Future Internet Enterprise Systems Research through Scientific Collaboration.

  • iSURF - An Interoperability Framework for Collaborative Planning.

  • K-NET - Services for Context Sensitive Enhancing of Knowledge in Networked Enterprise.

  • NEFFICS - Networked Enterprise transFormation and resource management in Future internet enabled Innovation CloudS.

  • NisB - The Network is the Business.

  • SPIKE - Secure Process-oriented Integrative Service Infrastructure for Networked Enterprises.

  • SYNERGY - Supporting highly adaptive Network enterprise collaboration through semantically enabled knowledge services.

  • UNITE – UpgradiNg ICT excellence by strengthening cooperation between research Teams in an Enlarged Europe.

  • ICT-VENTUREGATE - Innovative Solutions For Enabling Efficient Interactions Between SMEs In ICT Projects And Innovation Investors.

  • YMIR – Stepping up ICT SME’s in accessing finance.

FInES Cluster FP6 Projects (2002 - 2007)
  • ABILITIES - Application Bus for InteroperabiLITy In enlarged Europe SMEs.

  • ATHENA - Advanced technologies for interoperability of heterogeneous enterprise networks and their applications.

  • CONTRACT - Contract based Systems Engineering Methods for Verifiable Cross-Organisational Networked Business Applications.

  • CoVES - Collaborative Virtual Engineering for SMEs.

  • e-NVISION - A new vision for the participation of European SMEs in the future e-Business scenario.

  • FUSION - Business process FUSION based on Semantically-enabled Service-Oriented Business Applications.

  • GENESIS - Enterprise Application Interoperability via Internet-Integration for SMEs, Govenrmental Organisations and Intermediaries in the New European Union.

  • IMPORTNET - Intelligent modular open source Platform for intercultural and cross-domain SME networks.

  • INTEROP-NoE - Interoperability research for networked enterprises applications and software (INTEROP-NoE).

  • LEKTOR - Legal Knowledge Transfer Accelerator for SME cluster and Digital Business Ecosystems.

  • NO-REST - Networked Organisations - Research into Standards.

  • ONE – Open Negotiation Environment.

  • OPAALS - Open Philosophies for Associative Autopoietic Digital Ecosystems.

  • SUDDEN - SMEs Undertaking Design of Dynamic Ecosystem Networks.

  • TrustCoM - Trust and contract management framework enabling secure collaborative business processing in on-demand created, self-managed, scalable, and highly dynamic virtual organisations.

CIP Projects
  • DEN4DEK - Digital Ecosystems Network of regions for (4) DissEmination and Knowledge Deployment.

See the FINES projects visualised with DebateGraph here: http://www.fines-cluster.eu/fines/jm/FiNES-Public-Information/fines-projects.html