SMART 2010 - 1st International Workshop on Service Modelling and Representation Techniques

The SMART workshop was held in conjunction with the Service Wave conference in Ghent, on 13th December 2010, and addressed issues related to modelling holistic service systems. Going beyond Web services or SOA, SMART aims to contribute to a holistic approach of designing, building and managing IT-enabled real-world services.

SMART workshop major focus is on service specific aspects like co-creation mechanics, service network structure and dynamics, service value exchange, service interaction processes as well as service flexibility, variation and customization to name just a few.  SMART 2010 included the following presentations:

  • Arne Berre Keynote Speech

  • Konstadinos Kutsikos and Gregoris Mentzas: A Service Portfolio Model for Value Creation in Networked Enterprise Systems

  • Erik Wittern and Christian Zirpins: On the Use of Feature Models for Service Design: the Case of Value Representation

  • Yan Wang and Willem-Jan van den Heuvel: Towards A Hybrid Simulation Modelling Framework for Service Networks

  • Yehia TAHER, Willem-Jan Van Den Heuvel and Sotirios Koussouris: Empowering Citizens in Public Service Design and Delivery: a Reference Model and Methodology

  • Susan Stucky, Melissa Cefkin, Yolanda Rankin and Ben Shaw: Modeling the Co-creation of Value in Complex IT Service Engagements

  • Yannis Charalabidis and Fenareti Lampathaki: A Description Framework for Digital Public Services

  • Aditya Ghose: The Business Service Representation Language: A Preliminary Report

In the discussion that followed, several issues were discussed, relating to a unified modelling method for services of any kind, service collaboration patterns and service value modelling and simulation.

Organising Committee 
Yannis Charalabidis, NTUA
Christos Georgousopoulos, INTRASOFT International S.A.
Alan Hartman, IBM
Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Uni Tilburg
Anshu N Jain, IBM
Antonis Ramfos, INTRASOFT International S.A.
Christian Zirpins, KI

A view of the COCKPIT project presentation 

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