The Greek Interoperability Centre

The main goal of the Greek Interoperability Centre (GIC) is to establish a new research centre targeting eGovernment and eBusiness Interoperability Research, within the National Technical University of Athens, the leading technological research institute in Greece.

The Greek Interoperability Centre aims at becoming a premium research centre in the field of Interoperability in Greece, cooperating with academia and research, public administration, organisations and businesses across the Greek regions but also institutions from the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean – thus forming a strong regional pole of research and technology.

The Greek Interoperability Centre will be structured through cooperation with leading research institutes from Germany, Italy, Norway, UK, US and China, inviting high-caliber international researchers and engaging more than 15 experts and new researchers in its team.

GIC is an FP7 Research Project, started March 2008, with a duration of 3 years.